I use BiaB 2019 and have downloaded the new patch 633 this morning(as usual when there is a new build...)

To my surprise,the upgrade "means" that I do not have Biab 2019 in the folder in which I want to place it (although BiaB 2019 is there all right...).

Up to now, I had BiaB on an external hard disk (because of its size) plugged into my (Windows 7) computer.

For some days, I have bought a new computer (Windows 10)and plugged the BiaB hard disk into it. Worked all right, but since I now have on the new computer a big internal hard disk, I have copied the wole BiaB file on this hard disk (works all right).
The activation number has been copied too (I checked).

Now it seems that I may not install the new upgrade on the internal hard disk or on the external hard disk (see photos included).
I have tried to download the update through BiaB itself and it does not work any better
Where is the beef? (the problem?)
Ooops! I thought I would include jpegs photos just like that, but I now need to give an URL which I do not have...
We ll do without photos!