"God helps those who help themselves", it is said. And yes - I largely agree - if you CAN help yourself, don't wait for God to intervene. However: I found myself, for a long while now, in a personal situation where, for whatever reason, I felt I could NOT help myself - and all I could do was to ask for whatever benevolent (hopefully) higher power may or may not be "out there" to intervene.

Because I still don't feel that intervention, I eventually had what I can only call a "musical tantrum" ;-) this morning ... and wrote this.

I personally don't really agree with my own lyrics, haha ... in the sense that I don't believe that "God" is necessarily a "parent" for us ... we (mostly, at least) gotta stand on our own two feet in this crazy world of ours. Also, if you have a "spiritual relationship with God", there are no parameters such as a "duty of care", etc. ... God has freewill, you and I have freewill, too (in my "what do I know anyway?" opinion, of course!). But ... I liked the end result of this little "throwing my toys out of my pram" "exercise" of mine ... so thought I'd post it to see what you think, too! Thank you so much for listening, and, of course, as usual - all feedback very welcome and gratefully received.



"Deliver us from evil"
The good man's prayer said
And so, upon that basis,
With you along I went.

"Deliver us from evil ..."
Thy Name but blessed be ...
Yet people are still dying
And suffer so, you see.

I studied once the law,
So argue if you dare,
I think that you are failing, Lord,
On your duty of care.


They say we are your children;
Who treats their children so?
Either you are a monster
Or have power no more.

If you powerless are
At least I'd like to know;
But if you power have, and don't
Help us, you're not the Lord.

I studied once the law,
So argue if you dare,
I think that you are failing, Lord,
On your duty of care.

The deal was: you'd care
For children lost as I;
I do not want your pity, Lord
That art, they say, in the sky.

I do not want you there
All times, morning and night;
But, when we are in trouble,
Why don't you bring ... the light?

Maybe you're not our parent
To care for us always;
But we are children still, you see,
And will be to the end of my days.


So, if you still remember us,
Come back, oh Lord, I pray;
Remember those you left behind
And help us ... if you can ... today.

****** Song Summary *************
Title: Duty of Care - 10 October 2019
File: Duty of Care - 10 October 2019.SGU
Key=Db , Tempo 60, Length (m:s)=4:28
No intro. 63 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 63. Repeat x1 chorus
No Melody
No Soloist track.
Song is saved with Volume, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Bank0,
Song is saved with bar changes for Key Signature,
Style is _BLZ12PA.STY (Bluesy Acoustic Piano 12/8 w/ Ba)

RealTracks in style: 533:Bass, Electric, 12-8 Crystal Sw 065
RealTracks in style: 2368:Piano, Acoustic, Solo-Accompaniment Bluesy12-8John Sw 060
RealTracks in style: ~526:Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Hank Sw 065
RealTracks in style: 627:Pedal Steel, Background 12-8 Crystal Sw 065
RealDrums [in style:Nashville128^06-a:HiHat, b:Ride

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