Morning folks,

I bought the upgrade to Ozone 9 a couple of days ago and I've been exploring the new features. One of the new things they did was they added a vintage EQ, vintage Compressor, and vintage limiter to the master assistant function.

I've been using the master assistant function in Ozone 8 now for quite some time, I find it gets me very close to where I need to be in the final master.

So! I remastered my latest track using Ozone 9, once using the modern mode and then using vintage mode. I used the same settings for both (intensity low, destination streaming). Results are similar as far as levels go, peak at -1, LUFS at around -13.

I have both versions up on reverbnation if anyone is interested to comparing the two:

These Times mastered in modern mode

These Times mastered in vintage mode

I like the vintage master better, Chris prefers the modern master.

EDIT: Moved the vintage master from soundcloud to reverbnation to get a fair comparison between the two.

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