Evil World. A song written and sung by Daniel Jackson.

Evil World

Danny, is a good friend from back in the days I was playing in bands. We shared many stages together through several different bands. He is a mighty fine drummer. Lately, he has been playing a lot of acoustic guitar and writing a bunch of songs. He came to stay with me and my wife for 5 days, last week, in the woods, and we had the chance to put 3 songs to music in my studio.

This is the first one of those. Yes, he sang it in the lower part of his vocal range. It was the key he wrote it in and we decided to stay with that key.

The band is:

Danny on vocals
Herb Hartley on all guitars.... acoustic and lead.

Bass: 1191 Northern rock
Drums: pop rock sw 16
Dobro: 3133
Fiddle: 624 George ev
Piano: 904 Electric smooth cool
You can find my music at:

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As the sword chooses the warrior, so too, the song chooses the writer.