I was remixing songs and thought I might repost this song. Janice sings a beautiful harmony.

The song is a love letter to my two children.

I Will (2-2-13)

I will build you a strong house to spare you heartache
and to keep you from drowning a sturdy new boat
I will search for good omens to guide through life
I will sing you jubilees for your everlasting soul

when scallywags call I will turn them away
for your hunger pangs I will dig you a row
I will rock you to sleep from a long day of strife
and when you curse my name my silence I will hold

I will kiss you goodby cause I know you can't stay
I will swallow my tears until I'm alone
I will sleep with your pillow all through the night
If I can't be your rock let me be your stone

may the love that I woven warm you someday
then memories of me might stave off the cold
may the lessons I've taught you fit you just right
and the old house I built you, will you one day call home