The menu item 'Options | Return to factory settings' is working in my testing. This returns most global settings to the defaults.

An alternative way you can return to factory settings is:

1. Close Band-in-a-Box. Open the Band-in-a-Box folder and duplicate the Preferences subfolder. To duplicate a folder, you can select it and press Command+D. You can give it a descriptive name like 'Preferences_backup_nov1' and keep it around just in case you need those files for some reason (the exact name doesn't matter).

2. Open the "Preferences" folder, and trash all the files within it. To do this, you can press Command-A (select all), then Comand-Delete (move to trash). It doesn't matter if you delete the "AboutPrefsFolder.txt" file.

If you want to restore your previous settings in the future, rename your backed up folder to "Preferences".
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