Using the latest Presonus Studio One Professional 4.5xx

Just tried the plugin for the first time and it worked great in Studio One!

I'm using the VST version, as always, so if I need to use my backup Windows version of Presonus Studio One, everything will transfer over easily. I would expect the AU version of the plugin to work just the same, but I haven't tested it yet.

I input my my chord changes into the BIAB plugin and set the Tempo the same in the Plugin and Studio One. Then hit the Generate button in the plugin. Once the sounds are created in the plugin, then I used the square blue icon in the Master track to drag and drop all the tracks into Studio One.

Voila! Worked like a charm.

I did all this without reading the manual first. What I seem to have figured out on my own is:

1. If you want to change the tempo, change it in both Studio One and the plugin.

2. When I changed the chord chart and/or the tempo, I did the following:
a. Click on the Generate button in the BIAB plug-in to re-generate your new sound tracks with your changes.
b. Remove the old tracks from Studio One.
c. Drag and drop the new tracks from the Plugin Master track into Studio One.

I'm sure there's more to learn, but what I've learned so far would indicate that you want to get the barebones tracks (tempo and chord changes) in order, before modifying them in the DAW.

Hope that helps anyone using Studio One and BIAB.