Six years ago Janice sang harmony with floyd on his song Written. We always thought Written ranked with the absolute best of the classic country tears in your beer songs...period. The two of us have long appreciated this style and during our band days we performed some of those classics. I had been thinking about a country project and asked Janice about this tune. She was reticent as floyd had sung such a powerhouse version of it. But I prevailed smile and asked floyd his thoughts which resulted in a “heck yeah!”response.

So....a brief sojourn back to the country.

Both comments and your time to listen are most appreciated.

Thanks floyd for the many collabs and support...it’s been a fun six years!
Oh, gotta mention that we stole his arrangement...from start to finish.

Drums: NashvilleWaltzSw^6-a:HiHat , b:Sidestick, Hihat
Bass: RT 1121 Acoustic, CountryWaltz Sw 085
Piano Rhythm: MIDI SuperTrack 2259 CountryWaltzJohn Sw 085
Piano Solo: MIDI SuperTrack 2250 Soloist CountryWaltzJohn Sw 085
Electric Guitar: RT 980 Rhythm CountryWaltzCleanA-B Sw 085
Acoustic Guitar: RT 3176 Rhythm CampfireSlowWaltz Sw 085
Pedal Steel: RT 1126 Rhythm CountryWaltz Sw 085

Thank you Peter for the opening acoustic guitar chord! smile

The piano and steel tracks were comped from multiple generations.

Equipment/DAW: Logic Pro X, Rodes NT1 mic and Scarlett 212 interface

Track plugins: Waves CLA Vocals, Waves Bass Rider, Waves CLA Unplugged, Waves CLA Drums, Neutron 2, Logic Pro amp sim and Ozone 8 Imager.

Mastering: Logic Pro EQ > Waves Multi Band Compressor (LinMB) > Ozone Imager > Ozone Maximizer > Ozone Tonal Balance


i'm all messed up...

my world's been shattered
when you found a new life
mine was torn in two
i can't use a heart
so broken and battered
so you keep the pieces
they all still belong to you

your name is written
on my very soul
marked so deeply
and it may never let go
there's a picture of you
on the tiniest part
your name is written
on every piece of my broken heart


your name is written
on every piece of my broken heart

© 1998 floyd jane