I have a strange problem with BIAB 2020. When I try to play a song demo in style picker, it will show me the little yellow window with the pathname, but the demo won't play. This happens in both 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

I can get the style to play using MY song chords by using that option in stylepicker, but never will it play the demo for that style. However, if I plug in the BIAB 2020 hard drive, it will find the demo and load and play it instantly.

One other thing... even if I go to the folder on my computer that holds the demos (BB\RealTracks\Data\Style Demos Audio), if I double-click on a .wma file, it STILL will not play, if BB is still running.

Windows Media Player works fine any other time. When I shut BB down, I can go back to that folder and play those demo files without a problem.

And lastly, sometimes (quite often), after trying to play a demo off my computer hard drive, BIAB will lock up, and I'll have to use Task Manager to close it.

Any ideas? I wouldn't be surprised if this were somehow related to a Windows 10 update, but I have no way of knowing. Any help is appreciated.

BIAB 2020 with Reaper 6, on an AMD 8 core CPU, 16GB RAM, 240 GB SSD and 1 TB HD. Retired and trying to make some serious music, before Arthur Ritis spoils the fun.