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> But, the truth is, it will show up dumb as a rock, not know the songs, the key, tempo or chord progression.... You have to tell it everything.

The Audio Chord Wizard (available in BIAB and RB) figures out tempos, chords and key from audio without you telling it anything.

Not to argue with the owner of the company but I don't feel I can leave you thinking I was dissing the program. Not the case at all. You missed the context of my remark. I was discussing the poster's work flow bringing BIAB tracks into his DAW.

In that context, I had compared BIAB/RB to a session musician arriving at a recording session for the poster's project. The session musician arrives not knowing the songs, the key, tempo or chord progression. You have to tell the musician about your project. I was telling the poster that BIAB/RB arrives at his DAW session the same way.
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