This is a tune composed by me dear dear friend the late Sylvia Maria Barber, who was an outstanding accordionist. She was from California and was known as the triple shake queen. ( A style of bellows shake which is very hard to master ) I came across this after copying files from an old hard drive I though was knackered. Glad I never lost it.
Sylvia was a lovely lady and had a real passion for accordion music. She played for a few years with the Lawrence Welk orchestra before Joanne Castle joined. Sylvia's playing lead accordion and I'm playing 2nd. It was a load of fun and she LOVED the biab backing. I honestly have no idea what tracks we used.

I know she'd have gotten a real kick reading comments on this.

By the way I decided not to tweak this and just left it as was. Quality isn't too bad considering the hard drive it was on hasn't worked for about 6 years

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