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You should be able to get and set the tempo map from the BB Plugin in Reaper with API:

Count DAW tempo markers for BB plugin:
int CountTempoTimeSigMarkers(ReaProject* proj )

Get DAW tempo map for BB plugin:
bool GetTempoTimeSigMarker(ReaProject* proj, int ptidx, double* timeposOut, int* measureposOut, double* beatposOut, double* bpmOut, int* timesig_numOut, int* timesig_denomOut, bool* lineartempoOut )

Add tempo markers to DAW from BB Plugin tempo map:
bool AddTempoTimeSigMarker(ReaProject* proj, double timepos, double bpm, int timesig_num, int timesig_denom, bool lineartempochange )

Same with Chords:
int AddProjectMarker2(ReaProject* proj, bool isrgn, double pos, double rgnend, const char* name, int wantidx, int color )

Great job and another smart way to create tempo maps and chord sheets. However this is not exactly what I mean with "seamless integration".

From the nature of BiaB it is obvious and I understand that it needs the chord sheet somehow. However as plugin version it should always follow the tempo and the time signature of the DAW whereas the standalone version may do it's own stuff. That's the main difference between a plugin and a standalone version. If an initially imported midi file helps the plugin to do so, that would be fine with me. But the plugin could also pick the project tempo from the DAW as a start and detect/store the DAW tempo and time signature during a first run through.

Obviously, if the tempo is changed by the user in the DAW, the plugin should detect such a deviation as it has to re-render the affected areas of the audio tracks in such a case. If that couldn't be done on the fly, ok with me. Some dropouts until the re-rendering is completed, would be tolerable from my point of view.

Editable time signatures and project tempo boxes should be obsolete within the plugin. Even the bars information should be obsolete in the plugin. The plugin should always follow the DAW from the first bar to the last bar of the song and if it runs out of chords on its way, so be it. Let's amend the chordsheet in this case.

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