The Way Things Are

Times are tough and this is not upbeat song but it was an enjoyable production and collaboration. Regardless of that caveat we hope you find it of interest and comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Big thanks to PeterF all the guitar parts and, as always, to PG Music for their products, support and this forum community.

Lyrics are on SoundCloud.

Janice: lead vocal, harmony vocal, melody & arrangement
Peter: guitar solos / fills / rhythm & arrangement
Bud: lyric, arrangement, mix & mastering

Drums: RD AmericanaRoots16th-04-SdStk,Tms

Bass: RT 2877 Acoustic, AmericanaSlow16thsByron Ev16 060

Piano: MidiSuperTrack / Logic Pro Grand Steinway sound

RT/RD tracks comped from multiple generations

Track Effects: Logic Pro X EQ / Nectar 2 / Waves CLA Drums / Neutron 2 / Waves CLA Unplugged / Waves Bass Rider

Mastering: Logic Pro X EQ > Ozone Dynamics > Ozone Maximizer > Ozone Tonal Balance > YouLean Loudness Meter