Hi Bob,

I've used PowerTracks for about twenty years and it's still where I go to record live tracks.
You're right in that it's quicker and lighter than RealBand - it boots faster and in my experience is
more stable. I switch to RealBand to add RTs of the instruments which I can't play myself and that's
just like having a virtual room full of session musicians. I don't get into BiaB at all and I don't
use styles - I just pick out the RTs that I need from the list.

About a year ago I wrote to PG, twice, suggesting that they might like to consider giving PowerTracks the ability
to load realtracks - it already loads realdrums, so not much work needed. This would create a product which
would suit a whole new group of people who work the same way as I do - buy PowerTracks first and then buy groups
of RTs as and when needed.

Never got a reply, which is strange because PG are usually so polite, but there it is. Still think it was a good idea.