The cost of PT is a lot lighter for one thing.

A couple people I know boughtPT simply because it is inexpensive, allows 48 track recording, and if they need a track generated for something we can bring the seq file into RB here, generate what we need and save the whole thing to a seq file PT can open for them back home.

I know I could use my 3 licenses for the three locations, but we try be on the up and up so they at least wanted to buy PT.

One of them has PT12 (ancient) yet it still does what it does and allows seq files to go back and forth between the current RB and it.

"Could it actually be better to use PT and the Biab plugin rather than using RB as I have been?"
If you have the plugin, you have RB, and PGMusic has said RB can do what the plugin does, so I don't see anything to gain going that route.

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