" I can assure you with unquestionable certainty that adding more mixer channels to the BIAB Mixer will not solve your workflow issue."

I assure you 100%, it will!! - 16 Minimum, for RT's or MIDI, as most of arrangers had/have.

As I mentioned in other post in our conversation, I will try it again with slightly different wording. I wish not to learn the software which I feel does not have a solid future.
There are fantastic free and very inexpensive DAWs that will outbeat RB in 90% of features and workflow. Why re-invent the wheel? As one member noted earlier, RB should be kept as Legacy software...running., and all the resources freed should be put behind products that could and should be improved and developed further. I am 100% behind that.

Also..Wish is a wish. It is not a cry for a workaround smile

"I would be ok with essentially turning BIAB into RealBand."

I too suggested that once but was met with shield and sword. smile Yes, essentially I would love to have "some" features of RB in BIAB which are missing, losing the rest 80%., but I guess before that could be done, BIAB has to be "ready" for such changes.