why is that you are not working next door to Adar?...in mask...

Ok, plugin is another beast. Per your recommendation, I tried it. Fun toy, and very well might have uses for some folks. But being so stripped, has no use to me at this time. I am afraid I will sound too negative if I start expressing my opinions about it smile The bottom line, I do see appeal and usefulness in it for some (if not half of future) users so I will keep it to myself for now.

My preferred way of doing things is sequential. Idea->BIAB->DAW->synths, instruments,vocals->Mix. Not jumping from place to place if absolutely not needed. I guess, unless some huge steps are taken in plugin development I will stick to BIAB. I do wish BIAB would get modernized and cleaned a little + biggest request of more mixer tracks so whole BIAB arrangement can stay in single BIAB project until ready for export to DAW.

P.S. Hey, I really do not want to sound like a cry baby. I can totally get away with how I do things, just sharing my feedback / wishes.