Thanks all for taking a listen and the valuable feedback. I have now adjusted the vocal and re-uploaded.


Originally Posted By: Belladonna
Cool one!! Right there with you, Qanon.

Thanks Belladonna, still trusting the plan!

Originally Posted By: jptjptjpt
Cool song. Lyrics are good. Your vocals are perfect for this song. Good production.

Cheers jpt, much appreciated.

Originally Posted By: rayc
I reckon the sax could be centred for its solo.
The vocals suit the song well but when the sax is in te mix there's a fair bit of freq overlap so one or the other needs some carving and the vox definitely could use a little level boost.
The lyrics are interesting but could easily be used/exploited by either side of the truth.
The last verse is VERY Cohen from 1st We Take Manhattan.
Cool song.

Thanks Ray, I had left a bit of space in the instrumental section as I'd hoped to get a friend to put a bit of lead guitar in there. I have now boosted the vocal and the sax a bit and re-uploaded.

Hopefully the real truth will come out soon!

Originally Posted By: David Snyder

Hey, this sounds really cool man!

Good job.

Thanks David

Originally Posted By: MarioD
Great song! I think you have a very good voice. I think it should be a tad louder in spots as it is hard to hear in places.

I liked the lyrics, your vocal, chord progression and the groove. Great work.

Thanks Mario, I have adjusted the vocal and made it louder. I do have a tendency to keep my voice down in the mix.
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