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I constantly am astonished that there is not a vibrant forum for trading BIAB files SOMEWHERE. It's SO weird. The yahoo groups above are dead.

There's the regular same links to the same pages as always.

I'm surprised that the forums here dont have a dedicated "Trade your .sgu .mgu creations" that is more vibrant.

Also I'm sure theres some folks that are brilliant in building up a song that very much represents particular recording with voicings/hits/vibe/etc... I'm pretty good at it but I'd really imaging there would be a market for such a thing from someone who was really good and fast at it.


"Send me the track you want reproduced in BIAB and i'll create it and send you the .sgu or .mgu"

I guarantee folks would pay for that.. but i've never seen it (ps.. I don't want this job) :-)

But I'm always shocked when i'll do a search for some very VERY well known tune and somehow NO WHERE is it out there to get... when I know theres probalby been hundreds if not thousands of people that have already built it.

Am I missing some killer forum somewhere and can someone send me the link if so? :-)

The users group for Yahoo migrated to Groups.io when Yahoo stopped hosting groups a while back. The group is called Band In A Box Independent User Group. You have to have a Groups.io account, free, and then join the group. Plenty of files still available there.