Getting Colder is a song about social isolation:
It can happen to all of us, like with Covid-19, but also because of social or emotional situations.
That happened to me some time ago. I remembered what it did in my head. I hestitated bringing this song to the forum because of that, but I want the melody to be judged. It's not only a sad song. If you listen closely, you can hear a Latin touch in the chordprogression. I had 'La Bamba' in mind, but a lot slower. Still it can be heard, provided you know that song.
I ued no drums, only a footstomp. This is to give more space to the other instruments and the vocals.

I do hope you like it, but don't hesitate to tell me what I did wrong, can do better, or did well,

The instruments:
The Style is _MANDOWN.STY (Man Down Ev8 Country Mando Solo)

RealTracks: 2915:Bas,
RealTracks: 1690:Piano, Acoustic
RealTracks: 2051:Guitar, Ac, Fingerpicking
RealTracks: ~896:Guitar, 12-String ac.
RealTracks: 3236:Guitar, Nylon, Fingerpicking
RealDrums: FootStomp Reel:16ths SlightSwing

The lyrics:

Getting colder
(c) HWBerkhout

It's getting cold now
There are no blankets to warm all of me
Yes, it's getting colder
Nothing around me, here at this place I can see

Can't stop the shivering
and the chattering of my teeth
It was foolish to go to this place
Without power and no one to meet

When I muse about my reasons
I can't remember going anywhere
I even can't remember what I've been doing
I was just there

It is so cold now
No branches to use for a fire(
I'm f*cked)
Maybe I'm older
Can't figure out how to retire

I'm afraid no one's will come to this place
I don't hear no sound
And my mobile is out of reach
while it's getting too late to go around

When I muse about my motivations
I can't see a reason why I went
It was more or less an obligation
No one knows about or understand

And if I muse about my situation
No messages to friends I send
Although I know what will happen now
I still can not comprehend,
No I don't!


It's getting colder
I'm tired, close my eyes for a while (2x)
I'm getting so cold now
So very damned cold
Oh it's much too cold
Hans Berkhout