The BIAB Mixer on the main screen does not have Buss or aux outs but there is a feature that VST's can be inserted on a channel where two guitar tracks reside and fx's can be applied to both instruments.

Here's how I did it:

Example using guitars RT's 1572 and 1073

I used a midi style and replaced the #26 AC Guitar with RT 1572 located on the Guitar Channel

For plug ins I added PG 5 band Eq set for high pass filter; and PG Echo Chorus; Mixer Volume 88; Mixer Pan 0; Mixer Reverb 21 and tone 2

I opened the RealTrack Picker and Selected the Medley Button

The 1572 guitar occupied the first slot panned 64
I added 1073 guitar to the second slot panned -64

Selected Whole song and play simultaneously


The result is the two guitars play simultaneously with the same effects applied across the track to both guitars.

The Plug Ins Tab accepts VST's as well as PG Effects.
BIAB Ultra Pak+ 2021:RB 2021, Latest builds: Dell AIO; Windows-10-64 bit, AMD A9 Processor and 16 GB Ram Memory.