I posted this song earlier, and got some positive and useful feedback from the likes of musician17, Rustyspoon#, Floyd jane, rob4580, dcuny, Robertkc, Janice & Bud, rayc, Birchwood, Deej56 and MarioD. Thanks very much to all. Your encouragement and specific criticisms were helpful.

I have incorporated your mixing suggestions and slowed down the tempo a bit, to allow me to sing and articulate a little more clearly.

Once while driving in winter, and looking at the snow-covered trees, the opening line "Well those bare sweet trees aren't cold at all" came to me. I pulled over and made a quick note, came home, and wrote the first sketch of the song. After that, I went looking for a musical style that made sense to me.

This track has been in and out of BIAB a number of times. I was unsuccessful at first in finding a style I liked, so I left. Then once the chords were fully developed elsewhere, I came back to BIAB and created the song again, and auditioned more styles and settled on HORA_B, and used the drums and bass, guitar and piano to build a bossa nova feel. Later, I found the guitar didn't work with the synth rhythms that I had written. I tried the Freddie Green guitar but eventually changed to a "manilow" guitar. The work was finished in Mixcraft 9.

There is a link to the song on SoundCloud, as well as a link to a Youtube lyric video.

It is always a pleasure to hear from this community. .

Leafy Green on Soundcloud

Glenn Polin


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