I haven't had time to hardly be involved around here much these days (this makes me sad) but still want to contribute something occasionally! Thanks to anyone who takes a moment to check out the tune! It's much different than my usual fare. The title is borrowed from an earlier offering I put up a couple of years ago. It's what I would class as mountain folk as attested to by some of the realtracks used! As usual for my material, it's a work in progress The band carried almost all the load on this one and I'm not complaining! T

Drums- NashTrain EV16
Bass- 1825 Pop Modern Groove EV16
Mandola - 3155 American Mountain EV16
Guitar - 3185 Acoustic Mountain 16ths Quinn
Piano- 2917 Acoustic Country Folk 8th's Mike
Fiddle- 3157 5 String American Mountain 16ths

Additional Piano