An electric guitar version of Tchaikovsky's lovely melody at115bpm.
684 Bass, PopHalfNotesSync ev 120
2495 Piano,Electric,Vintage, Rhythm,FunkyGroove 60sJohn Ev100
RealDrums:Nashville Ev 8
543405:Guitar,Acoustic,Strumming Ev120
543:Guitar,Electric,Rhythm,Dreamy Ev120
671:Harp,RhythmCeltic,BackgroundSouthern Ev120
2773:Harp,RhythmCCeltic 16ths Ev 075.

Lead Guitar: Fender Am Stan 1995 40th Anniversary Strat, Kinman pups into Ethos preamp, Xotic SP compressor, Strymon El Caoistan, Xotic EP boost, into Behringer Eurorack 1204 FX Pro desk.

Daw: Sonar X1

Extra processing: various compressors, lots of EQ, saturation on lead and master, reverb.