Here we go again, a decade later

I deleted my post from yesterday about this primarily because there are so many other issues that are far more important that are weighing on my mind.

As I thought more about it, I concluded that all of those issues are beyond my control other than the right to vote this fall.

My original post about this problem was on 03/01/2010. Peter Gannon joined the debate and it lasted for a few days. To their credit, PG did isuue videos about a work around to address the problem about 4 years or so later. A "work around" should only be used when you are trying to do something that is outside of standard notation or tablature.

Something that isn't up for debate is how bluegrass music or fiddle tunes are notated. 99.9% of them are notated in 8th notes. The very few that are notated in 16th notes are done by people who have no understanding of the music. PG usually treats them as 16th notes.

So you may ask, "why is that a big deal?" I'll only offer one answer that should be more than sufficient. You can't take a piece of bluegrass sheet music music and enter it into BIAB as it is written in most so called bluegrass styles without using a work around.

I haven't upgraded BIAB since 2014 because of this issue. I don't plan on upgrading or recommending the program to ANYONE until this is corrected.

This may have been corrected in upgrades since then, but I'm not willing to spend hundreds of dollars to find out.

The default timing for bluegrass and most other acoustic music is 4/4 time and it's written in 8th notes. That should be reflected in all of the bluegrass or acoustic styles.

I hope that Peter Gannon weighs in on this as he did before.