I have been having trouble getting the ProjectSam Free Orchestra to work in Kontakt Player (it is designed to work with Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 6 Player).
It works fine as a standalone and works in Band In A Box, but in RealBand there is no sound most of the time (weirdly, occasionally some of the instruments will work for a while, then stop). I have tried the 32-bit and 64-bit Kontakt Player with the same results. (I am using J-Bridge).
MY QUESTION: Is it possible to link the standalone version of Kontakt Player 6 to RealBand so that I can use the Free Orchestra sounds?
I seem to remember Pipeline talking about a VST host some time back.
I use Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 Player all the time in RB (the only problem I have is when I open the VSTI/DXi Synth panel while using Kontakt’s Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst, I have to reset the tempo because the Guitar jumps to the half-tempo setting.
Thanks in advance,
If anyone wants to try and replicate the issue, the free download is available at:
Mike Garry
BIAB/RealBand 2019(5) UltraPlusPak, Kontakt 5, Kontakt 6 Player, EZmix, Hybrid 3, Audacity, Acer Predator, Windows 10, 64bit, 16GB ram, CPU: Intel i7.