Song about the Underground Railroad, done in up-tempo bossa style--my typical lyric/style mis-match!

Master's shotgun we've just outrun;
This was hard-won;
And I can feel the thrill of daylight
Filtering through the briars.

With the men stowed on the railroad
We steal away to the moon.

Don't harbor illusions of what fate may hold;
And for me, tomorrow's out there, I've got to have air.

Beat the blood hound, 'cause I'm north-bound;
Steaming the way to the sun;

I cry for my brothers who didn't get through;
In my heart, constantly pray for the day
When they may ride these marvellous rails,
Without the fear of gallows
Or the jails.

Style is _JPLMBOG.STY (Medium Bossa Pollwinners 1)
Rhythm Section: 1104 Guitar Nylon Rhythm; 464 Bass, Bossa; 470 Piano Bossa
Solo Areas: 2142 Bari Sax Gary Solo; 2284 Ron Bass; 2288 Piano BossaKenny
RealTracks in style: 2379:Sax, Tenor, Soloist BossaEric Ev 140

RealDrums [in style:BossaLewis^02-a:Brushes HiHat , b:SideStick HiHat]
Midi: Strings, E Piano, Shaker, HiHat Elements