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Hi biab members,

I wonder. Why do I have no comment on this composition? It would be interesting for me to evolve to know what is wrong with this one. Is it the melody, the mix or something else. It would be good to tell me frankly because if you usually give your opinion on what you feel good, you never or very little criticize poorly done compositions.

Best regard Dero13 alis JaniJackFlash

Howdy Derio13...

First....sensing your enthusiasm, you should not take the lack of comments personally.
People may be busy, not their genre to comment on or it's not grabbing current viewers.
No big deal.

OK....I gave it a listen....it's not a genre that grabs me and not my style of writing.

It's a fine mix of instruments....nothing jumps out at me as of this listen.
There a melancholy mood to it....easy listening.
If you're actually looking for honest criticism I think the drums are too busy for the piece/genre.
Also, I would not call it a ballad...to me, a ballad infers it's a song with lyrics.
I would categorize it as ambient/instrumental.

Don't be discouraged....others will likely chime in. (And disagree with me :))
Just keep on doing what you do with BIAB.

("you never or very little criticize poorly done compositions"...that's correct, I do not)

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