Red Light is a fun uptempo song written with the 60s/70s RnB feel. Not a lot of uptempo RnB usually posted in the forum. Hopefully I can help with that LOL Hated the sound in YouTube. Transferred it over to Soundcloud. Be cautioned that it's mixed for cell phones and not home PC's so the vocals may sound a bit low on computer stereos. I'm working diligently to find a good tutorial on how to mix for both. So far everything I see says ignore home stereos and go for cell. There's got to be a happy medium somewhere. :-)

The composition was written and arranged in BIAB 2020. This is the song that I used in my Tutorial "How To Get a Fuller Sound".

My Style was _SOL60S2.STY 80'S Soul No Tamborine. The original track was 112BPM with only drums, Bass, Piano and Guitar.

For this track I used - Bass, 2 sets of drums, Piano, Organ, Strings, 3 different guitars, and a Sax.

My DAW is SONAR X3 Producer, I sang All Lead vocals and Background Harmonies into my TASCAM DP32 and exported into Sonar. I get NO Latency his way. Yea, I've tried ASIO drivers. For what I do they just flat out cannot keep up. There's no substitute for a hardware based recording platform. My MIC is a SHURE PG-42.

My tracks tend to stretch the limits of PC mixing but we have what we have. Always lots of feedback on mixing whether it's too low for PC/Stereo or too HOT for Cell phones. Oh well.

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