First of all thanks for a great product. However, when is BIAB going to incorporate some real styles besides country and old blues? I would think that since you've added loops and varied progressions you are trying to target a younger audience. I have used some of your patterns for RnB and House but I've had to make major modifications to get the feel such as increase tempo, add instruments (synths), or incorporate loops (especially drums). The styles in RnB, House, and Smooth Jazz are seriously dated. Why not styles based on BabyFace, Brian Culbertson, Brian McKnight, Boney James, or House Rhythms like Daft Punk? Nashville musicians are fantastic but they do not know this type of music. It shows in their patterns. Also there are very few real soul and Smooth Jazz patterns as it applies to music over the last few years. For examples a lot of the drum loops in those genres do not have the steady 8th or 16th hi-hat and the Jazz patterns in BIAB all have the rimshot snare. That's hardly used in Smooth Jazz today. There's also a genre that's gaining traction where it's Chicano Soul (that's what I call it) where it's incorporating 60's style guitars with a steady beat. Everytime I listen to a new style pak it sounds a lot like the others. However, if that's what your (current) audience wants I can appreciate that. I'm just suggesting a broadening of the styles which may help even more in growing your base. I'm still a fan.