I wrote this after reading interminable arguments between people on a 'philosophy' forum. Borrowed the concept from Bill Shakespeare.

I started out with all tracks, took most out, put them back in, and still can't decide whether I prefer this with the full band or something smaller. Here's the full band version. Would appreciate any advice on the mix...

The style is 'Country Boogie' and I used bass, (piano, drums and acoustic guitar)* from that set.

I added electric rhythm and lead guitars, both stratocaster with Amplitube 'Fender' amps.

I use a Rode NT2-A mic for vocals but it really takes a lot of tweaking at mix-down to get my voice sounding anywhere near a sound I'm happy with.

Mastered in Logic using EZmix.

*LATE EDIT: After taking some very good mixing advice the mix has changed considerably. The only thing remaining from BB now is the bass part. Drums were swapped out for GrooveMonkey midi loops in EZdrummer. I dropped the piano and acoustic guitar altogether.


Thanks for listening.

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