RnB song with the Philly Soul style I like of strings, smooth flow, and background harmonies and unison. Written and composed by me and I do all the vocals. Love this "Delfonics" and "Moments" type of stuff.


Style - Pillowy.Sty - Dreamy Pop Ballad (slowed down to 75 BPM)
Bass - 700
Guitar 1 - 2617 (Wah Wah)
Drums - Southern Pop
Guitar 2 - 1762 Electric rhythm
Guitar 3 - 367 Background Dreamy
Strings - 2952 Jazz Ballad Pads
Organ - 688 B3 Background Pop

All vocals recorded on Tascam DP 32
Microphone: Shure PG-42
Mixed in Sonar Producer (Cakewalk)