A folk rocker from Spirit Level ( for those unfamiliar, we are ScottC and RobertKC of this forum).

In February 1808, the American whaling ship Topaz came unexpectedly upon Pitcairn Island, landed, and discovered the thriving community of 19 children, 9 Tahitian women and John Adams, the only surviving HMS Bounty mutineer.

The Last Savage Gentleman

My apologies to a well known forum member for misuse of his moniker in the lyrics!

Style is _REFLECT.STY (Reflective Folk Rock)

RealTracks in style: ~518:Bass, Electric, Pop HalfNotes Ev 085
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RealDrums :RockHardLA^1-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Loose HiHat

Scott`s guitars: Fender Stratocaster
Amp : Marshall
Effects: Eventide H9’s, JCRockett Lenny

The Last Savage Gentleman

gather round children I`ll tell you a tale
of mutiny murder and exile
stranger than fiction put away your fairy tales
for a drunkard redeemed paradise defiled
my name is John Adams
the last savage gentleman

scanning the haze with fears ablaze
in straw hat and striped pajamas
only man alive 19 bairns 9 wives
is having another vision
wake up all survivors
his eyes like snapping scissors

sails white sails a whaler sails
bows down on the horizon
no ship we`ve seen these 18 years
here on Pitcairn Island
bring my bible to the beach
a knife between your teeth

dead all dead the whaler`s mate is led
here`s one stabbed with a rusty spoon
by cutlass musket and betrayal
Fletcher Christian gone too soon
will you take me now to hang
the last savage gentleman

I`ve been fierce with drink read my gospel at the brink
your chains now I`ll not refuse
between the lash and the law
tell me sir what would you choose
my tropical perdition
or the muddy hole of England

fate is kind that veils its hand
my story who would believe
at the ends of the earth I`m a grain of sand
all I command a pistol shot from the sea
my name is John Adams
the last savage gentleman
the last savage gentleman

© Robert Cordrey May 2020