Discover your new favorite song and be inspired when you shuffle through the UPDATED Band-in-a-Box® Radio, with 340+ original Band-in-a-Box® songs written and recorded by program users just like you!

We've organized these songs by playlist:
  • Country / EZ Listening / Folk (2 Playlists!)
  • Rock / Pop / Blues (2 Playlists!)
  • Jazz / Latin

Listen to Band-in-a-Box® Radio on our website at, or head directly to our Band-in-a-Box® Radio SoundCloud channel!

All of the songs you'll hear on Band-in-a-Box® Radio are songs that have been posted to SoundCloud and then shared to our User Showcase Forum.

Don't have a SoundCloud account? Click here to get started, and begin sharing your own Band-in-a-Box® projects with other users on our User Showcase Forum - we'd love to hear them!
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