Waltzing In Wonderland


LILTING.STY (Lilting Fingerpicked Banjo Waltz)

I discarded the 1543 synth pad and replaced the 2478 Bass with the 2479 version.
I kept the following:
3414:Banjo Fingerpicking Folkwaltz Ev 120
RealDrums: Shaker Ev 8ths
1181:Guitar Fingerpicking PopWaltz Ev 120
Then I added:
1297:Guitar Resonator, Background Bluegrass Waltz Ev140
898:Guitar, 12-string Acoustic Strumming FolkRockWaltz Ev 150
2821:Guitar:Nylon Rhythm MariachiWaltz Ev 150

Tempo bumped up to 165bpm.

Reason 11 Sounds:
Orchestral Flute, Piccolo, Mandolin Trem Ensemble, Banjo, Mandolin Solo, Concert Grand Piano,
Concertina, Symphonic Strings Trad.
(Concertina midi track written in Guitar Pro 5 and imported into Reason.)

Mixed with Audacity.