I have asked about this feature some time ago but I'm still not clear on how this really works.

I want to generate Midi and Midi Supertracks for a BiaB song that I have opened. The way I think this works is that the ability to generate either of these two types of tracks will depend entirely on the style attached to the loaded BiaB song. If the BiaB song is attached to a RealTracks style then there is no way in which RB is going to generate Midi. I have enabled RealCharts for such styles so I can get at least some midi.

If I change the style in RB then I can select an appropriate style that contains midi or a midi supertrack, but I don't want this to interfere with the tracks that are already there from a previous style.

Ideally I would like to simply select a BiaB style in RB and then use that for a track. Is this even possible in RB.

Could anybody help to clear this confusion please?