i don't think it regenerates the other tracks. if you know the style you want change to the midi style you've chosen. then right click on the empty track where you want the new midi, generate midi track and choose the bass part or piano part. it will only generate on that one track.

at least that's what happens when i do it. choose an empty track and make sure its midi not audio.

don't try to use one of the BIAB tracks tracks 1- 6 ish choose an empty one further down. you can then mute the original bass part - if you are trying to overwrite it that may be the problem

if you want to audition different styles go back to BIAB try the styles without saving the file. if you find a style you like a quick way to do what you want is to export the BIAB song as a midi file. close BIAB without saving to leave your original track unchanged. open the midi file in RB and copy the track you want to the clipboard.

close without saving. open the original RB file and paste the midi track you copied. that's how i did it in PowerTacks for years and it allows you to audition the styles in BIAB and export and copy and paste midi without overwriting he original files.

its also the easiest way to audition lots of styles. if you are trying to audition styles in RB that also might be your problem.

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