Thank you Bob. What you say supports my thoughts on what has been going wrong for me. I find the manual a bit hazy with regards to midi when RealTracks have been used.

It appears that if RealTracks have been used in the BiaB song then forget all about midi when the song is opened in RB. Of course if the RealTrack has a RealChart then this can be enabled in RealBand and the resulting Midi used.

But this is not how I thought the whole midi feature working for me. For example, I wanted to use the Guitar part of the BiaB song, but also create a second harmonising Guitar part from another style.

I think I can do this directly in RB. Having opened the BiaB song in RB I can now select a different (midi) style with an appropriate Guitar part and use this to generate the harmonising midi Guitar part. This does work for me but it feels tacky in the sense I have had to load a complete new style with the old style no longer available (to regenerate the original tracks if needed). This was also where I was concerned that the existing tracks that I am happy with might get accidentally regenerated.

Perhaps its not meant to work that way.

i would be interested in what you think of my comments.