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Hi Alan,

What a nice story about that butterfly. And the title is so well chosen by Di.
I could almost see it happening before my eyes. Even more when listening to this beautiful song!
I think it was a good decision to skip the bass, drums and piano. Maybe they would have draw too much attention instead of the melody itself. Whatever, I'm amazed how quick you managed to make this song. You look like me (...).

I agree with Ray that at some moments the violin is a bit harsh. However, I doubt if my wife would have noticed that.

How many butterflies have rested on your head or shoulders since than, Alan?
Or did it stayed a special moment?


Hello Hans ...

Thank you so much for your kind review! I originally included those extraneous instruments you mentioned. I then deleted them and listened again. I liked it much better with just the three I kept. There aren't a lot of butterflies here in Northern Alabama, so having experienced that event was pretty special. I've seen but two butterflies since then, but they were both five or six meters distant from me.

Fiddles tend to be squeaky as part of their musical character and the squeaks are difficult to avoid. But i can smooth them out a little more. Thanks for the suggestion ... you too, Ray!

wishing you everything good, Hans. Be safe ...

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