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How you come up with these progressions? Beautiful tune. Mixed & listens very well. Enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing!


P.S. I was doing some yard work last week and a Praying Mantis sat on my head, most likely for a long time, until my son spotted it. I should take your lead and write a tune smile

Misha ...

First, I loved that photo of you with the praying Mantis om your head ... that's really cool!

As far as chord progressions, that's the easiest part of the composition for me. Chords, and the possible arrangements, seem to just percolate in my brain. I practice guitar at least an hour every day, except when circumstances prohibit. About half of those practice sessions consist of me experimenting with chords and arrangements. It's always a lot of fum for me. I cannot explain how or why the chords come to me as they do ... I just accept and appreciate that it happens for me. Thus, I try to incorporate them into my music as I'm composing and/or arranging.

Many thanks, my friend! Wishing you the best. Be safe ...

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