The situation regarding making the BB track ordinary tracks really clarified a lot to me; so thank you for that. I'm guessing it was the influence of this behaviour in BiaB. Now that I know it can be independent and regenerate only when explicitly selected, I am very happy with that.

Regarding the problem with generating Midi though. It is the former situation of the two that you mention that is causing me a problem. I suspected that the generation process required the part to be already in the loaded style and I had already experimented with pure midi styles that did contain the parts I needed and this worked fine.

But this is where I question the logic of the RB process. By having to load a completely different style in order to furnish a midi part, I have to make a record of the style that I have just replaced (just in case I need to go back and regenerate the tracks it was used for). This could potentially get quite messy. Or... say I did load a new style into RB, if I subsequently tried to re-generate a track that was created by a replaced style, would RB 'remember' this style if I tried to simply re-generate the track. If this was the case then the problem is solved.

But I don't see how the process for selecting a Midi part cannot be the same as that for RealTracks and Midi Supertracks; in both of these processes I am presented with a list of styles to choose from.

I hope I am being clear.