Jim, that is a great help, although I'm not really sure I understand all of it and will go back through it again.

It was the use of the midi data I was interested in with regards to how I might generate those from a different style. RealTracks and Midi Supertracks provide me with a list of styles from which I might choose a part. Ordinary midi, on the other hand, requires me to audition and load a style that contained that part. This process worried me because now I would have 'lost' the style that other tracks had been generated from and, if I need them again, would have to record what these styles were; perhaps in the comment.

But now after reply from rharv, I might have been thinking about this wrongly. It may be, that even if I do load a new style, that if I go to a previous track and regenerate it then RB itself will 'remember' the style from which it was generated. If this really is case then at least I can work quite happily with that.