Right, to all of you responding to my post, thank you very much. I feel like I have won the lottery because the fog has cleared. The suggestions made and various comments by you experts allowed me to have a complete aha experience. My understanding of RB was really quite confused when I started this post. So much so that I hardly used it much.

I really wanted to use those many BB midi styles to generate tracks (or parts of tracks) in my RB songs by I was unsure of the best way to proceed. I realised that I could only create a midi part on an RB track if the current style actually held that part and since my style had all RealTracks then there was no possibility and hence all the confusing messages that the part was not in the current style.

To get a part from another style I would have to load that style into into RB. But what would this do to my existing tracks if I wanted to regenerate any of them? What if I had to load yet another style, would RB remember that track I've just created with a now replaced style?

Well Bob Calver gave me some good ideas. Rharv showed me how to protect the BB tracks by turning them into ordinary tracks.

Now came the cruncher, would RB remember a replaced style if I needed to regenerate it? You bet it does! This was my nicest moment (sounds silly getting all excited about this, but it opens so many possibilities)

First I loaded my song into RB, fresh from completion in BiaB, complete with the style from which it was generated.

Now I made the BB tracks all normal tracks. I then tried to regenerate these and this worked (sometimes it missed out the 4-bar intro though, so I will need to see to that later).

Next I went in to BiaB and auditioned various styles with the existing song. I found one with a good strumming guitar part so I identified it.

Back in to RB and I load the new style and create my guitar part. I'm spoilt for choice because I can create any of the other four parts also. But I'm not greedy, I really want to go for another style.

But first, I go back and attempt to regenerate a track from the original song and, what do you know, RB remembers the style that created it and voila, I have freshly minted guitar track. Now I get RealStrat on it and it sounds fantastic.

Now back to BiaB in search of another style to get a Bass replacement part. I've identified the new style and so, back in to RB and load this style in. Now I generate a brand new Bass part and test this with a lovely Kontakt Amped Bass Guitar and this sounds good also.

More importantly, I go back to the midi track generated by the now replaced style and try to regenerate it. Wow, it remembers and another newly minted guitar track comes in to existence.

So, all my concerns gone. A few little niggles to deal with but now I have a much clearer picture of what I am doing.

So, thank all of you very much, such a knowledgeable and patient group of experts.