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Hi Spirit Level,

So lovely this song! A very nice tale (lyrics).
I can almost see children with tension in their eyes listening to this story of the last savage gentleman!
A very nice 'solo' played by Ray. He must have been enjoying himself very much. I could see that too!
And your singing is very nice. 'Decent' I would call it. Like a gentleman, not a savaged one.

I am convinced we'll hear a lot more from the Spirit Level.
does the name sais something of the amount of drinks you use when making those songs? (a bit kidding)


Its ScottC, not Ray playing those guitars...Spirit Level are more exhibition than prohibition,but please don`t mix our music with the strong stuff!
I appreciate your listen and always personal and interesting comments.

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"his eyes like snapping scissors"

A small snippet that really stuck with us out of a fabulous write. What an amazing story and

Well, "fate is kind that veils its hand" stuck around also. Ah, heck every line could be parsed and
discussed positively smile

It's a lyric, it's poetry and it reads like a microcosm of a rich novel.

The vocals, guitar performance, band and mix are all excellent and give this story a wonderful musical

Impressive indeed.


PS Now off to educate ourselves better on the genesis of this production...

Thank you for mentioning the scissors... and all the other nice observations!