Born a child of goodness.
Pure and humble girl;
Chose to live among the poor--
Agnes left the world.

Sent to teach Calcutta;
Safe within the walls;
Agnes saw another life--
Call within a call.

Not too far from those priviliged seats,
Just outside on city streets, 
The Master was calling!
So she donned blue to live anew--
That was the call, she knew.

Agnes came to hold them;
Agnes loved them all;
Agnes touched their hearts and souls;
Agnes lived the call.

Suffering and hurt were the ones she sought;
Outcast children, forgotten souls;
She called them "My brother!"
And they call her "mother"--
Mother Teresa in blue.

Born child of goodness,
Once a humble girl;
Gave her life to love the poor--
Agnes changed the world.
I don't have the style info, but it's just one of the basic bossa's.
I'm playing ePiano, and I created the little bass solo.
RT for Sax solo.