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BIAB $129 PG Music Pro Pak
Dp03 $330 Tascam 8 track Digital Multi Track Recorder
Total $469

No Mac/PC debate necessary.
No external DAW required. The Unit has Proprietary built in DAW capable of completing a project from start to finish.
No Latency.
Hardware and PC VST compatible.
No mic required, two included. XLR's available for external mics.
No interface required.
No electric mains required. Device can be operated on batteries.
No knowledge of the goals or type of music user performs is necessary in order to recommend the unit...
Excellent phone support by both companies.
This combo satisfies all seven of the beginners home studio recommendations from the original poster.
Recordings are indistinguishable from like/kind quality recordings made on expensive DAW/interface/comparable mic system or iPhone, ear buds and GarageBand.
Completely compatible with all BIAB tracks from any version, release year and sound format.
Super easy to set up and operate. Set up and operation can be mastered in less than an hour by a complete novice.

"What a person wants to do with a recording setup makes all the difference in what a person needs. There is no "one size fits all" here." is an incorrect statement.

A home studio is a recording path from a sound source input to a sound source output that provides the ability to archive audio/data. It can be as simple or complex as one wants or can afford and understands how to use.

This setup is capable of recording anything from a singer/songwriter, Karaoke singer, duo band, trio, 7 piece band, full orchestra or aspiring film composer because it has the necessary inputs and outputs to be configured and adapted to the recording environment.
BIAB Ultra Pak+ 2021:RB 2021, Latest builds: Dell AIO; Windows-10-64 bit, AMD A9 Processor and 16 GB Ram Memory.