We Tascam Guys gotta get hot on this Model 12. Introduced this year. I've been holding out, waiting for Tascam to get up to date with respect to computer compatibility. Not ready to write the
DP-03 off, mind you, but not recomending it at this time.

Examples: (1) I build a BIAB backing track, render to six WAVs, want to quickly transfer those six tracks onto the recorder, tweak and reduce them to two or three.
(2) I have a set of 24 songs on a 32G card. I want to go into a song and start doing some serious bouncing and mastering. I'm up against power limitations right away.
(3) I want to isolate one track and run it through the Reaper or Audacity effects bank. In short, I want to be able to do all those things Willie can do in his $1M studio for a couple of grand. Is that asking too much?
Link: (Feel Free to Use)
Biab for WIN 2020 -- Win 10 64bit -- Reaper/Audacity
Zoom R-16 -- Tascam DP-03-SD -- SoundTap -- Crescendo --