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... Yes, the Model 12,16 and 24 are exciting new gear and welcome additions to the recording scene. ...

Just a reminder, if I read the specs correctly, only the Model 12 functions as a DAW controller. I admit, the unit looks spectacular.

I'm still a little put off by Tascam abandoning the FW-1884 even though it had in its possession updated drivers for Windows 10.

In my opinion, none of these hybrid units are 'best' choices in a studio that does not completely rely on a DAW for all processing. Even mundane tasks of punching in/out, recording additional tracks with the same instrument or mic are more efficiently, easier and quicker completed in the DAW rather than using the hardware device. The unit line from top to bottom continues Tascam's development decisions of compromise equipment.

At the moment, the DP-24/32 units are hands down better choices for a dedicated home recording studio that's not completely dependent on a DAW for everything beyond tracking.

The best choice for an ideal hybrid BIAB/hardware recording combination would be a joint venture between Tascam and PG Music to revive the Tascam 2488neoMarkII (3rd gen 2488 model) and integrate the entire BIAB program and Styles/RealTracks/SuperMidi for built-in access of the full program so the device would be similar in concept to the Digitech Trio but also a full blown 8 input, 24 track digital Multi track stand alone recorder.

While this concept would work with any of the Porta-studio style digital multi track recorders including the DP-24/32 models but the Tascam 2488neoMarkII model is a better choice for several reasons. One, the Tascam 2488neoMarkII had aftermarket VGA video out capability so it would work with large size monitors. Second, it should be easy to adapt the units to larger, modern SSD Hard drives and the latest USB connections which would complete an up to date all in one unit with proprietary OS, DAW and BIAB...
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