Hi All.

Just a bit of lockdown-madness-inspired Rock from me and Eddie - it's probably about 50-50.
The file crossed the Atlantic more times than British Airways has done recently and I've
lost track of what's in there. There are a couple of RT keyboards which Eddie added, an
acoustic RT buried in there somewhere, and the other guitars are mine. Interestingly, the drum
samples this time are from a 1980s Simmons kit which a friend had - Simmons were used on almost
every rock track in the 80s.

Eddie's singing the lead and I'm on the BVs. There's not much to the lyrics which are a bit banal
anyway, but if you can't make them out I'll list them later. In case there was any doubt, this
is a song about a car journey.


Don't take it too seriously - we didn't.