Rustyspoon (Misha) asked me to post a song I did about 4 years ago called "Billy" so here it is.

The band was cut and pasted a bit.

Nashville pop 16 Drums
784 bass
597 & 785 acoustic guitars
1517 & 419 electric guitars
1946 mando

Billy ©2016 Vic Arnold

I ran along the rivers,
through the mountains but they wouldn't let me be
What was I supposed to do?
Should I have turned the other cheek?
They said my days were numbered
and sometimes I heard the tolling of the bell
Always one step down from heaven
with both feet jammed agains't the door to hell
They called me Little Casino,
El Bandito, El Chivato or The Kid
Senoritas called me Billy
and I sang to them in Spanish. Yes I did
It's a long way from the City
to some cowtown, then down to New Mexico
where I took the things I needed,
food and pistols, and somebody else's clothes
Ran off to Arizona
For a time I tried to live an honest day
but I loved a poker game and couldn't
stand a mouth that has too much to say
I hear behind me the sound of whispers
My heart racing in my chest
Adios my friend. I send you kisses
and turn around .... Quien es? Quien es?


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